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Clifton Weekly Time Trial


The 'Clifton Times' book for the current year can be found in the clubhouse in a magazine rack on the wall. All times for the current year are in the book. DO NOT remove from the clubhouse.

The current timers rota, previous years records and World Records can be found below. 

The previous weeks results are normally published to the club Facebook Page, quick link below

For over 40 years each Tuesday of the year with very few exceptions, the weekly Clifton Race runs. Anyone that paddle the 5 miles to Clifton Bridge and back in an hour or less can enter in a boat of their choice. (Singles, doubles or even 4s.)

The event is organised by members and no coach, nor the club are responsible for each weekly event. Members take turns to time - see Clifton Timers Rota . Paddlers should also consult the Conditions page on the website before taking part. If in doubt consult an experienced club member.

Paddlers are reminded that as in Marathon Racing Rules they are required to render assistance should other paddlers need it.

The race is run as a handicap race or time trial with the slowest starting first and the fastest boats last. Zero time is 50 minutes and starts at 18:10. Paddlers taking longer than 50 minutes start on "Plus times."

The course is the same as for the Winter Race.

As the paddlers come together towards the end of the race, it gives great opportunities to develop racing skills in the groups that naturally form during the time trial.

Essential Clifton Information!

Timers Rota

Mid or previous year records

World Records

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