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Nottingham Hasler Race

Every year the club runs one of the Midlands Region Hasler races. These form part of the national Hasler marathon series of races that culminate in the Hasler Finals which take place at a different venue each year.

2024 Race Date: 21st April 2024

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The Course

The River Trent in Nottingham is considered 'sheltered water'. The Hasler race is generally held in May when water levels and wind speeds can be expected to be quite suitable for all divisions and normally provide good quality deep water racing. If the weather forecast suggest conditions may be more challenging full details will be published here and on all the racing kayak/canoe social media platforms.

Maps of the normal 4, 8 and 12 miles courses are below. All courses are subject to change based on conditions on race day.                                                                                            Car Parking

The 4 mile course for Divisions 7 - 9 is an upstream start, paddle under 3 bridges turning round a buoy below 'Clifton Bridge' a large concrete road bridge. The finish is downstream opposite the club

8 mile turn.jpg

The 8 mile course for Divisions 4 - 6 is an upstream start, paddle under 4 bridges turning round a buoy at the downstream end of Monkey Island which is not an obvious island anymore but still has a useful large eddy on the upstream right hand bank to turn in. The finish is downstream opposite the club

The 12 mile course for Divisions 1 - 3 is the 4 mile course paddling past the club downstream turning at LadyBay bridge which is just downstream of the club then immediately into an upstream portage just below the club. Paddlers then paddle the 8 mile course finishing downstream opposite the club.  

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