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Trent K2

The Trent K2 is back! 


The Trent K2 emerged in the 1970s as the shortest race in the Trent Series. All 4 of the starts were between Burton on Trent & Kings Mill at Castle Donnington. They included the delights of the rapids at Swarkstone Bridge & Kings Mill with an additional highlight of shooting the weir at Trent Lock when there was enough water to get down without scraping the boat. At its highest level the shoot actually went down the field on the right.


Of the 4 races the one starting from King's Mill was the shortest of the series, appealed to more people and eventually became a popular annual part of the National Racing Calendar, standing alongside races such as Frank Luzmore and Watersides.

It ran in November and for many years the owners of the Priesthouse allowed free use of their carpark and access to the toilets.

In 2014 the Priesthouse was sold and the new owner no longer allowed access so sadly this iconic race ended.

It had still included some interesting sections with a fast section at a sharp bend, a long minor curving rapid just before Shardlow, an awkward bit of current going into Shardlow and plenty of places where choosing the wrong line broke rudders or left you beached on the shallows.

The New Trent K2

On 30th October 2022 a 'test' event for the new Trent K2 ran for club members only. For the adventurous the 26 miles from near Twyford, one of the original Trent Series starts was available. As an introduction to deep water descent racing the 'short' 10 mile course from from Cranfleet Lock with only the portage at Beeston Weir to negotiate was available.

Trent K2 22 results.jpg
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