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New Year K2 Knockout Race


The New Year K2 Knockout Race dates first ran on 2011. Always held on New Years Day only a pandemic has caused cancellation! the current marathon ranking of every crew must equal 9 or more, So a Division 1 paddler can only race with a Division 8 or 9 paddler. To add to the interest  the LOWEST ranked paddler must drive the boat.  Some of our light juniors have had a great introduction to the cut and thrust of racing with some of the fastest seniors in the country!

The course is a series of laps around Trent and LadyBay bridges. No boat is eliminated on lap 1 but after that the gloves are off! The slowest boat is eliminated after each lap, sometimes more than one boat will be eliminated to ensure the whole event takes no more than 10 laps, about 11km of paddling for the final 3 boats who race off for the top 3 places. 

The entry fees are split to provide cash prizes for the top three crews and a donation to the club charity of the year. 

Video of the 2022 Race
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