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Parking Update

John Handyside

13 Mar 2023

Improved parking arrangements at weekends


I have managed to negotiate extra parking on Saturday and Sunday Mornings in the Nottingham Forest Car Park nearest to the club.

The dates we have this facility are:

18/19 March

25/26 March

2nd April

16th April

22/23 April

29 April

Further dates will be added when football fixture days are confirmed

There will be no access to the car park on Match days

This is being done on a trail basis, so we must ensure we conform to the requirements

The Car Park gate will be opened early in the morning and car parking will be allowed until 13:00 when all vehicles must have been removed.

Parking must be sensible and due consideration shown to other users. The concession is open to the rowers as well and has not been negotiated exclusively to us.

Additionally cars parked outside the gates must not be parked in such a way that vehicles are prevented from accessing or exiting the parking area.

Hopefully this will alleviate the problems we are experiencing currently.

Any questions, please ask

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