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Rowing Head Race

Norman Mason

26 Feb 2023

Rowing Head race - significant disruption expected

This coming Sunday (26th February 2023) is the Head of the River Rowing races.

This is a major event and the river is booked by the rowers for their races.


Their schedule is

Division 1 races start at 10-00 am from Clifton Bridge and race down to TS  Orion (they will warm down beyond there.)


Division 2 races start at 12-30  from Clifton Bridge and race down to Trent Bridge.  (They will warm down , downstream of Trent Bridge - so in front of NKC)


Division 3 races start at 3-00 pm from Clifton Bridge and race down to TS Orion.  (they will warm down beyond there.)


After the races, the boats will return to their launching points (probably between Trent Bridge and Lady Bay Bridge.)


Boats prior to starting will be in the section of the river between Clifton Bridge and the pipe.


Everywhere is likely to be very congested in the area around the club and Trentside. The rowers have the use of the Nottingham Forest Brian Clough Stand carpark for competitors vehicles/trailers and they have the use of County Hall car park for spectators.


Please do not do the normal NKC paddling session on the section of the river being used by the rowers.


Going downstream below Holme Pierrepont Lock towards Radcliffe on Trent or paddling on the canal should still be possible.


Parking outside NKC is not looking possible.  Parking in the  Ladybay area should be OK.


We have our own Hasler Race in April and we depend upon the co-operation of rowers for our own event.  Please do not do anything that would upset this arrangement.



Norman Mason


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